Finishing level

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All apartments in Glashaven have a high and modern level of delivery. The finishing is in order in all apartments, resulting in stylish homes with a modern allure. In all homes the walls are finished wallpaper ready. Nothing more needs to be done on the ceilings either. The floor-to-ceiling doors in the apartments are also of a high quality.

Kitchens and bathrooms

The kitchens in the Glashaven apartments meet all the wishes of the modern city dweller. For example, they are equipped with a hard, composite worktop, which ensures a stylish appearance. In addition, the kitchens are fully equipped with appliances for everyday convenience, such as an induction hob, a combi oven and a dishwasher. The kitchen is basically finished. But those who would like to put together their own kitchen can do so in the showroom. Looking for your own dream kitchen for your apartment? That too is possible.

The bathrooms in the Toren van Glashaven have a walk-in shower and, where possible, a bathtub. In addition, these are furnished with sleek design sanitary ware from Villeroy & Boch and a towel radiator from the Jaga brand. There is the option to style the bathroom yourself, so that it meets your wishes.



Every home has a perfectly functioning doorbell system to receive guests easily. In addition, the building contains a number of very useful services, such as a handy service with which parcels can be easily delivered and stored for residents.

Parking and shared mobility

There are a total of 62 parking spaces in Glashaven located in an indoor parking garage spread over three floors. The top two floors are accessible by car lift. There are also eight motorcycle parking spaces on the first and second parking levels. If you don’t always need a car, you can always use one of the nearby shared vehicles. Finally, there is a large, shared bicycle shed in the basement with space for (cargo) bicycles and scooters.


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